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From Latin sponsalis, from sponsus (a betrothal), from spondere, sponsum (to betroth). See spouse, and compare espousal, spousal.



sponsal (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Relating to marriage, or to a spouse; spousal.
    • 1870, Lorenzo Altisonant [Samuel Klinefelter Hoshour], Letters to Squire Pedant in the East, 4th Edition, page 64,
      The sponsal munities I claim are the postnate: To be autocratix in the culinary department, synarchist in other departments of the domicile, and adespotic alibi; and to commonstrate the bairns not to be solifidians, nor nullifidians.
    • 1963 January, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Volume 25, Catholic Biblical Association of America, page 455,
      Boniface Llamera, St. Joseph (Herder, 1961), better preserves the primary character of the sponsal relationship when he writes: "The entire theology of St. Joseph (Josephology) has one first and principal basis: the marriage which united him to Mary."
    • 1993, Liam Gavin (translator), Michel Forsé, Jean-Pierre Jaslin, Yannick Lemel, Henri Mendras, Denis Stoclet, Jean-Hugues Déchaux (editors), Recent Social Trends in France, 1960-1990, McGill-Queen's University Press, page 70,
      This leads to diversity in the types of sponsal relationships.