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spook +‎ show


spookshow (plural spookshows)

  1. A show that involves spooks (ghosts).
    • 2001, David Knoles, Spine-Tingling Magic Tricks
      Now that you've learned the tricks, it's time to put on a spookshow.
    • 2005, Kim Newman, Doctor Who
      ...full of characters who die screaming, but the Tom Baker-era spookshows have too much fun with the trappings of genre to be as ruthless.
    • 2007, Norman Partridge, Dark Harvest
      Adding it up one way, then adding it up another just to see if he can make it come out any other way than the crazy spookshow equation it wears for a face.
    • 2007, Scott Ciencin, Constance M Burge, High Spirits
      "That spookshow downstairs was beyond belief," Karl said. "I mean that literally. I don't believe it had anything at all to do with ghosts."
  2. (rare, derogatory) An organisation or situation that involves spies.
    • 2005, Brian Hodge, Hellboy #1: On Earth as it is in Hell
      "Underneath the spookshow trappings, what is the bureau, anyway, but another intelligence agency?"
    • 2007, Chris Roberson, X-Men: The Return
      They're some kind of British spookshow, totally top secret.