spud washer

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spud washer (plural spud washers)

  1. A flanged rubber or foam ring that covers the spud nut on the flush mechanism of a toilet, cushioning the tank-bowl juncture to prevent leaks.
    • 2002, Bill Marken, How to Fix (just About) Everything, →ISBN, page 171:
      With the tank upside down, pull or twist off the rubber spud washer and use a spud wrench to unscrew the large locking net from the flush valve.
    • 2007, Sid Davis, The First-time Homeowner's Survival Guide, →ISBN:
      Loose mounting bolts can also damage the spud washer and leak water behind the bowl.
    • 2009, Albert Jackson & ‎David Day, Popular Mechanics Complete Home How-to, →ISBN, page 352:
      The same package that contained the bowl caps will contain a large rubber spud washer and tank bolts and washers.