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Etymology 1[edit]

Possibly related to squirt (small child); from 19th c.


squit (countable and uncountable, plural squits)

  1. (derogatory, informal, countable) A person of low status.
    • 1989, Richard Curtis, Ben Elton, Blackadder Goes Forth (episode "Goodbyeee"):
      Not a favourite son, of course — Lord, no! — more a sort of illegitimate backstairs sort of sprog, you know: a sort of spotty squit that nobody really likes.
    • 2000, Josie Lloyd, Emlyn Rees, Come Again, page 153,
      'It isn't so funny when it's the other way round, is it?' I snarl, before adding, 'You geeky little squit,' for good measure.
    • 2007, Katharine Whitehorn, Selective Memory, unnumbered page,
      I couldn't believe my ears: at Roedean a new girl spent at least a term having it drummed into her what an insignificant little squit she was; and here were these girls being welcoming!
  2. (Norfolk, uncountable) Nonsense; amusing stories.

Etymology 2[edit]

Short for server quit.


squit (third-person singular simple present squits, present participle squitting, simple past and past participle squitted)

  1. (transitive, Internet) To disconnect (an IRC server) from a network.
    • 1994, "Bernhard Lorenz", ChanOp for Irc Opers (on newsgroup alt.irc)
      [] these problems solved themselves atfter[sic] some 10 minutes or so, without an ircop interferring[sic] into channel affairs by squitting his/her server to gain chanop status.
    • 1996, "Jesse", A warning to all irc users (on newsgroup alt.irc)
      Today, I was awakened by a call from one of my IRC ops, telling me that my net had been 'taken over'. An ircop had squitted all the servers, and had a script that kept them disconnected from the net.

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