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Uncertain, but probably from a Slavic language; cf. Slovene srajca (shirt). When entering Romanian, it may have been taken as a diminutive (cf. the form străiță), and then later arrived at its actual form. Compare Aromanian stranj, stranjiu (clothing, garment), which may or may not be a different word (cf. however, Serbo-Croatian tranja (rag, tatter), which may have influenced it). Alternative etymologies proposed include a Vulgar Latin root *sternium or Latin stramen (litter). See also Friulian straie (bed or layer of straw for a flock), which may have a Slovene root as well, although it has also been attributed to Latin stragulus.[1]


strai n (plural straie)

  1. garment, clothing, garb, array
  2. bed cover