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strawhat (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to summer theater productions outside an urban or metropolitan area; relating to summer stock.
    • 1946 January 26, “Chi Strawhat With Sierra's Shy Man'kins”, in The Billboard:
      Sierra, long associated with stock companies and as an actor and director in this section of the country, took time during the past years to establish a new model service in town and he will bring some of his cover gals to the strawhat program to drill them for Hollywood or other boards.
    • 2007, Harold Bloom, James Baldwin, ISBN 0791093654, page 199:
      All three of them are concerned only with becoming actors and they finagle their way into the strawhat dramatic workshop of a famous theater guru, whose characterization is done with deadly wit.
    • 2011, Emily W. Leider, Myrna Loy: The Only Good Girl in Hollywood, ISBN 0520949633, page 295:
      Boaty took the proposition one step further by volunteering to produce this first venture on the strawhat circuit.


strawhat (plural strawhats)

  1. Alternative form of straw hat
    • 1996, Michel Oesterreicher, Pioneer Family: Life on Florida's Twentieth-Century Frontier, ISBN 0817307834, page 163:
      During those early years in the store, Oleta had a black strawhat.
    • 2010, Rosita G. Fanto, Rozalia Alone, ISBN 1450042481:
      He could be a fisherman under his strawhat and with his trousers rolled up to his knees.
    • 2014, James A. Wynne, Sunrise at Seminary Ridge - Volume 2, ISBN 1493175637, page 334:
      General Sickles's butler was not to be found anywhere on the premises, as he was already out and about, attempting to find a suitable strawhat that might lend credence to the boy's Amish upbringing.