straw hat

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A straw hat.
A Japanese straw hat.

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English strawe hatt, strawehatte, stree hatte.


straw hat (plural straw hats)

  1. A stiff hat, made from woven straw.
    • 2008, Michael Cantwell, Chasing Mayan Dreams: Adventures in the Mexican Rain Forest, →ISBN:
      She felt uncomfortable and ridiculous in her heavy straw hat and dark, tight-fitting linen dress with the padded shoulders.
    • 2014, Roberta Rogow, The Problem of the Missing Miss, →ISBN:
      Mr. Dodgson removed his hat as he and Dr. Doyle settled themselves into their carriage, across from a stout man in a striped jacket and straw hat, and two ladies of middle years dressed in severely cut ecru linen summer traveling dresses.
    • 2015, Maureen Earl, Gulliver Quick: A Novel, →ISBN:
      Although the day was lightly overcast, Gulliver wore a torn large-brimmed straw hat.