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From Middle English strengthy, strengthi, equivalent to strength +‎ -y.


strengthy (comparative strengthier or more strengthy, superlative strengthiest or most strengthy)

  1. Possessing strength; strong; mighty.
    • 1881, Bricktop, The Bald-headed Club:
      "No — no, work it up and give us the horrible particulars," said Jim Webb. ' 'Well, I presume I shall receive all the more sympathy if I illustrate the affair. As I said before, I have a mother-in-law. She is healthy. She is strengthy. She loves me not. She objects to my being out nights; to my being even a member of the Bald-headed Club."
    • 1890, The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art:
      It might, however, grate somewhat harshly upon the not very sensitive ears of the people of the present day, if they were told that a person had had a lengthy ride upon a strengthy horse, or that another had had a lengthy struggle with a strengthy opponent.
    • 1969, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - Volume 38:
      And as he heard and as he learned, Yao-tchall grew doubtful of his cause and fearful for his land, and as he grew less strengthy in his manner so grew the Catayans more strengthy in theirs, and as he grew less suresome so grew they more []
    • 2007, Bruce Howard Hamilton, Essays of Multiple Sorts:
      She was a nonconfidante, and he was her surly, silent, strengthy beanpole of a waiter.
    • 2007, Flann O'Brien, Keith Donohue, The Complete Novels:
      His face was completely hidden in the dark and nothing was clear to me except his overbearing policemanship, his massive rearing of wide strengthy flesh, his domination and his unimpeachable reality.
    • 2015, Sai Krishna Yedavalli, Prince of Ikshvaku:
      Then suka told vibheeshana was given by Rama / the lanka kingdom in advance / And he become Rama's best friend / And they explain Rama's army / Were vast in number / Their commanders were 1800 / at number and each bear was strengthy.