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strip +‎ party


strip party (plural strip parties)

  1. A party at which a stripper performs.
    • 1971, American Film Institute, Kenneth White Munden, "The American Film Institute catalog of motion pictures produced in: Issues 1921-1930", page 1049
      He escapes Vultura, his would-be murderer, and attends a Hollywood strip party, but he turns up no leads.
    • 2007, Leandre Taylor, "The Great Halloween Jacker", page 64
      Dre: "Let's go to that Halloween strip party right quick."
    • 2008, Crystal Magnum, Gail Magnum. "The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story", page 34
      One girl can set the stage for the type of interaction the people at a strip party expect.
  2. An event in which the participants remove parts from vehicles and other heavy machinery.
    I dumped my ex wife's PT Cruiser in the ghetto, hoping a spontaneous strip party would scrap that ugly car down to the wheels overnight.
    • 2001, Christine Gallagher, "The woman's book of divorce: 101 ways to make him suffer forever", page 129
      She put an ad in an automotive magazine for a "VW Owners Strip Party!" and gave her father's address.

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