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Alternative forms[edit]


Uncertain. Many theories have been proposed. Possibly a singularised plural of strug (now a regional term found in Besarabia), which may be related to strung (lathe), strunji or the verb struji (to clean feathers, branches, cobs of corn, etc.; to shave or scrape off; to chisel), a regionalism of Slavic origin (compare the semantic development of Spanish raspa (bunch of grapes) from the verb raspar (scrape; file or sand down), French grappe (bunch, cluster) from grapper (pick grapes)). Alternatively, strug may derive from a local Vulgar Latin *trugus, from Ancient Greek τρύγος (trúgos), τρυγή (trugḗ) ("vine harvest"). Other less likely etymologies include a Latin *stribulus or *strubulus, a Gepid thrubilo or struwilo, corresponding to German Träublein[1], or a substratum origin (although the term doesn't seem to have an Albanian or other Balkan equivalent). Replaced Old Romanian auă, from Latin uva.


strugure m (plural struguri)

  1. grape


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