stuffed up

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Alternative forms[edit]


stuffed up (comparative more stuffed up, superlative most stuffed up)

  1. blocked; stuffy; congested
    My nose is stuffed up because of my cold.
  2. (Britain) In a terrible state; messed up.


  • 1999 The Binna Binna man by Meme McDonald, Boori Pryor
    In Binna Binna country you should watch where you go, even on a night when life is so stuffed up that nothing matters anymore.
  • 2001 Terrorist Attacks in the United States (thread) in alt.html Sep 24 2001, 10:19 pm by David Venn-Brown.
    Australia is one stuffed up place geographically and that's why it has not been able to find its identity. [1]
  • 2005 Getting It Right... Or Why the World Is So Monumentally Screwed: The Manipulation of History by Alexander Canduci (page vii)
    This book is an attempt to set the record straight about just why the modern world is so stuffed up. It looks at a certain number of modern realities, and examines the causes of their current predicaments.


stuffed up

  1. simple past tense and past participle of stuff up