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From Italian stonato (out of tune). In Sicilian dialect, the word is stunatu. It is stunat' in Neapolitan. In both of these dialects, the word has a similar meaning to this one.


stunod (not comparable)

  1. Stupid or crazy; out of touch with reality; disagreeable
    That stunod customer thinks Trent was eyeing his secretary.
    • 2000 Christmas, “Are you stunod?”, in Primo[1], volume 1, number 2, page 27:
      If I was acting particularly spacey, my mother would ask, “Are you stunod?”
    • 2000, Laurino, Maria, Were You Always an Italian?: Ancestors and Other Icons of Italian America[2], W.W. Norton:
      “Do you understand me? Are you stunod?” my mother would say. Stunod. Someone who is out-of-it, spacey, not a practical person who knows that life is labor and that only the sturdy can get the job done.
    • 2010 August 3, Fingerman, Bob, Pariah, Tor, ISBN 9780765326270, OL 24329806M:
      “The stunod commander, a German Commodore no less, decides that there's just too many ships in the Gulf, and he doesn't have the manpower to search everyone of them.”



stunod (plural stunods)

  1. (slang, pejorative) A stupid or crazy person.
    Which one of you stunods broke the powerwasher?