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From such +‎ -ness


suchness (usually uncountable, plural suchnesses)

  1. (philosophy, chiefly Buddhism) Existence per se.
    • Ca. 1928, Hans Driesch, "Philosophy of Nature", in, 1928, Edward Leroy Schaub, ed., Philosophy Today: Essays on Recent Developments in the Field of Philosophy, page 431,
      The same relation may prevail between the suchness of willing in men and the realization of that willing.
    • 1955, J. D. Salinger, "Franny", in, 1961, Franny and Zooey, 1991 LB Books edition, page 22,
      Without any apparent regard for the suchness of her environment, she sat down.
    • 1988, Thich Nhat Hanh, The Sun My Heart: From Mindfulness to Insight Contemplation, Parallax Press, →ISBN, page 94,
      Rather than give an answer, you have to section the tangerine and invite the questioner to have a taste. Doing this, you allow him or her to enter the suchness of the tangerine without any verbal or conceptual description.