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Perspiration, or sweat, on a forearm. A substance that is sudorific produces sweating.

From New Latin sudorificus, from sūdor (sweat)[1] (from Proto-Indo-European *sweyd- (sweat; to sweat)) + -ificus (from Proto-Italic *-fakos (suffix forming adjectives that denote bringing or making), ultimately related to Proto-Indo-European *dʰeh₁- (to do, put, place)).



sudorific (comparative more sudorific, superlative most sudorific)

  1. (chiefly pharmacology) That produces sweating. [from early 17th c.]
    • [1873], W[illiam] S[tarbuck] Mayo, chapter XVII, in Never Again (The Library of Favourite Authors, British and Foreign; I), London: Ward, Lock, & Tyler, Warwick House, Paternoster Row, OCLC 56662967, page 192:
      Fear, the product of guilt, is a true night-plant. Like some of those gigantic fungi the botanists tell of, it springs up in the dark, and in an hour of restless tossing, sudorific, horripilating wretchedness, canopies our bed with a phantom toad-stool of gigantic size. The load that the conscience can jauntily stagger under in the broad light of day, [] will, in the gloom and silence of the night, wear its bearer to his knees.



sudorific (plural sudorifics)

  1. (pharmacology) A medicine that produces sweating.



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