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sugar parent (plural sugar parents)

  1. (slang) A person who spends money for the benefit of a younger person, typically in exchange for companionship and/or sexual favors.
    • 1987, Jean Stewart, "Transcendence", in Marsha Saxton and Florence Howe, Eds., With Wings: An Anthology of Literature by and about Women with Disabilities, Feminist Press (1987), p. 131,
      "[…] Get yourself a Sugar Daddy!—a Sugar Parent—to help you with the daily stuff."
    • 2001, Rhonda Whitton and Sheila Hollingworth, A Decent Proposal: How to Sell Your Book to an Australian Publisher, Common Ground (2001), pp. 105–106,
      That's why you'll either need a sugar-parent (let's not be gender biased here), or another source of income.
    • 2006, Lorelei Sharkey & Emma Taylor, Em & Lo's Rec Sex, p159
      If you want a sugar parent of your own, don't go past first base until you've received a present of some kind.