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suicide Tuesday (plural suicide Tuesdays)

  1. (slang) The depressive period that typically occurs midweek, nominally on the Tuesday, following weekend (Friday or Saturday) use of party drugs such as ecstasy.
    • 2001, June Marshall, The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware!, AIL New Media, US, page 123,
      It was an Ecstasy party, but Amy abstained from the “soft” drug. [] She knew the side effects, such as “Suicide Tuesday” that occur after the drug has depleted the serotonin levels in the brain. But she didn′t want to be a party pooper.
    • 2005, Duncan Osborne, Suicide Tuesday: Gay Men and the Crystal Meth Scare, Carroll & Graf, US, quoted in 2011, Michael Shelton, Gay Men and Substance Abuse, Hazelden, US, page 26,
      It is called Suicide Tuesday because, as the name suggests, users feel so awful, they just want to die. For chronic meth users, the effects on the brain can grow, making each succeeding Suicide Tuesday that much more intense and the desire to get high again that much greater.
    • 2008, Ian Commins, Fiveways, University of Queensland Press, 2011, ReadHowYouWant, page 122,
      She struggles through suicide Tuesday by getting into work late and shutting her office door.
      Craig is her small-time dealer so he, Sharon and James have a clear picture of her drug patterns.



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