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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English sulwen, solwen, solewen, variant of Middle English sulien (to sully), or representing an unrecorded Old English *solgian (to soil, sully), related to Old High German solagōn (to soil, sully, make dirty). More at sully.


sullow (third-person singular simple present sullows, present participle sullowing, simple past and past participle sullowed)

  1. (transitive) To sully.
    Synonym: sowl

Etymology 2[edit]

Middle English suluh, solowe, from Old English sulh, from Proto-Germanic *sulhs, from Proto-Indo-European *selk- (to pull) (compare Latin sulcus (furrow), Tocharian B sälk (to pull out), Ancient Greek ἕλκω (hélkō, to drag), ὁλκός (holkós, draft), Albanian hulli (furrow), heq (take away, drag) dialectal helk, Old Armenian հեղգ (hełg, slow-going, lagging)).

Alternative forms[edit]


sullow (plural sullows)

  1. (dialectal or rare) A plough.