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sunshine agenda (plural sunshine agendas)

  1. A public agenda.
  2. (US, government, law) An agenda on which an item has been placed for which the decision-making body will not entertain discussion or commentary.
  3. (US, government, law) A public agenda on which an item for decision has been placed for which the decision-making body will not entertain commentary, discussion or influence during a certain defined time-frame prior to the decision, in order to give the body "a period of repose" in which to make decisions.


  • "Teletruth today filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FCC to supply Teletruth and the public an accounting of Chairman Powell’s conversations, meetings, emails and other pertinent information in an effort to ascertain if the Public Interest has been harmed during the Sunshine Agenda period of the Triennial Review." [1] (3)
  • "Speculation was buzzing yesterday that commissioners were close to agreeing to Nextel's plan and would put the 800 MHz item on its April 15 agenda. However, the FCC did not include the 800 MHz plan on its "sunshine agenda" for its meeting next week. " [2](3)


  • Perhaps originally used by the United States' Federal Communications Commission
    • "The sunshine period prohibition imposes a restriction on presentations to Commission decision-makers in addition to the limitations otherwise applicable under the ex parte rules. It applies to proceedings in which the Commission has issued a public notice that a matter will be considered at a Commission meeting -- that is, the matter has been placed on the ' Sunshine Agenda.' " [3] (FCC Ex-Parte Rules)