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super- +‎ babe


superbabe (plural superbabes)

  1. (informal) A highly sexually desirable young woman.
    • 2003, Phillip Oppenheim, Maggie to Margaritas
      "This town's stuffed with A-list hardbody superbabes," he confided in me — "Idaho farm girls, preacher's [sic] daughters from Ohio, Alabama college girls — every last cute-assed one of them wants to be an actress.
    • 2005, Karen Kingsbury, A Time to Embrace: A Story of Hope, Healing, and Abundant Life
      The superbabes would all be after him once they got a look at this thing. Man, she could probably do zero to sixty in five flat.
    • 2007, Michael Gilbert, The Disposable Male: Sex, Love, and Money-Your World Through Darwin's Eyes
      The superficial sexual trigger, honed in the forest and out on the savanna, is why men still duck out of chat rooms and keep going back to the superbabes and vixens.