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super- +‎ band


superband (plural superbands)

  1. (countable, music) A supergroup.
    • 2007 November 5, Kathryn Shattuck, “Whats on Tonight”, in New York Times[1]:
      10:15 P.M. (Sundance) THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE TRAVELING WILBURYS This 25-minute documentary from Willy Smax tells the story of the 1980s superband Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison), Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison), Charlie T. Wilbury Jr. (Tom Petty), Lucky Wilbury (Bob Dylan) and Otis Wilbury (Jeff Lynne) — which made two albums and then journeyed into oblivion.
  2. (uncountable, telecommunications) a transmission band used in cable television in Europe

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