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Probably from Massachusett/Narragansett saupan (softened by water) (whence also "samp").


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suppawn (uncountable)

  1. (US) A porridge made from cornmeal; hasty pudding; mush.
    • 1809, Washington Irving, Knickerbocker's History of New York, Book VI, Chapter V,
      First of all came the Van Brummels, who inhabit the pleasant borders of the Bronx: these were short fat men, wearing exceeding large trunk-breeches, and were renowned for feats of the trencher; they were the first inventors of suppawn, or mush and milk.
    • 1829 July—October, The Westminster Review, Volume XI,
      In the shape of porridge the corn is called suppawn: Mr. Cobbett informs us, with the amusing particularity of a happy egotist, of the manner in which he feeds his family upon suppawn, and other substantial meats ; [] .
    • 1948, Ernest Ludlow Bogart, Peacham: The Story of a Vermont Hill Town, pages 68-69,
      Corn was roasted or boiled on the ear ; soaked or boiled in lye and hulls removed, the whole kernels were served; it was eaten with milk as hominy, samp, or suppawn. Ground into meal, it appeared in a variety of forms, as porridge, hasty pudding, pone, and later as Indian pudding, which was cooked with molasses and was a favorite dish.