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From Old French surcengle, formed with sur (over) and cengle (girdle).


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surcingle (plural surcingles)

  1. a long unpadded strap to pass over and keep in place a blanket, pack or saddle on an animal
    • 1929, Baldwyn Dyke Acland, chapter 8, in Filibuster[1]:
      He was standing on the offside of his horse, holding up the flap of his saddle, with the surcingle loosened, and was pointing to the girths. Close to their attachment to the saddle they had been almost cut through with a knife.
  2. a piece of tack wrapped around the belly of a horse, to use when longeing, also know as lungeing; (roller in UK and Australasia)
  3. a girdle to fasten a garment, especially a cassock