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  1. simple past tense and past participle of suss


sussed (not comparable)

  1. (slang) Sorted, organised; figured out, understood.
    • 2005, Daniel C. Bristow, Halcyon Nights, page 57,
      Chippenham's hardly the romantic capitol of the world m′boy, but I see exactly what you′re saying, though I think you′ve got it more sussed than all us.
    • 2011, Henry Sutton, Get Me Out of Here, page 78,
      ‘You mean you were still on dial-up?’ He laughed. ‘For someone who does what you do, I can′t believe you′re not more sussed.’
  2. (slang) Well-informed; in the know, savvy.
    • 1981, Muff Andersson, Music in the Mix: The story of South African Popular Music, page 53,
      Patric′s one of the most sussed beings in the industry, but the schizophrenia that comes from being unable to reconcile a love of music with a desire to make lots of bucks seems to have affected everyone.
    • 1999, Jane C. Stokes, Anna Reading, The media in Britain: current debates and developments, (page 215),
      [] for example J-17′s February issue carried an informative quiz, ‘Are you sussed about sex?’
    • 2000, Daniel O′Brien, SF:UK: How British Science Fiction Changed the World, unidentified page,
      Their replacement came in the form of Liz Shaw (Caroline John), a rather more sussed female ‘companion’ than most of her predecessors.
    • 2003, Ian Rankin, A Question of Blood, page 508,
      “But he didn′t, he just got lucky. When you′re lucky like that, though, people start to look up to you ... They reckon you′re more sussed than others.”
    • 2006, Stephen Simm, Miss Kwa Kwa, page 191,
      She certainly seemed a lot more sussed than Martie remembered her.


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