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From swamp +‎ -y. Compare Saterland Frisian sumpich (swampy), Dutch sompig, zompig (swampy, soggy), German sumpfig (swampy), Swedish sumpig (swampy).


swampy (comparative swampier, superlative swampiest)

  1. Soggy and marshy; wet like a swamp.
    swampy land
    swampy armpits
  2. Flowing smoothly with no harsh tones but possibly including muddy tones.
    • 2019 August 15, Bob Stanley, “'Groovy, groovy, groovy': listening to Woodstock 50 years on – all 38 discs”, in The Guardian[1]:
      Fogerty’s voice is raw but focused, they can stretch out on Born on the Bayou and Suzie Q, but can be succinct, punchy and still just as evocatively swampy on Green River. They have punch – this is easily the best set so far.


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