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Alternative forms[edit]


sweet-talk (third-person singular simple present sweet-talks, present participle sweet-talking, simple past and past participle sweet-talked)

  1. To flatter.
  2. To persuade using flattery.
    Synonyms: butter up, coax, canoodle, wheedle
    • 1954 November, Mari Wolf, “The Very Secret Agent”, in If[1]:
      His grin faded a little. "How'd you do it? Sweet-talk one of the guards into letting you in at the head of the line?"
    • 2021, Piper Davenport, The Bride Pursued[2], Sweet edition, Trixie Publishing, Inc.:
      “Oh, that he finagled. No fate involved. He saw you in the waiting area and sweet-talked the woman behind the counter to sit the two of you together.”


sweet-talk (plural sweet-talks)

  1. A manner of talking to someone in a pleasing or funny way in order to persuade them to do or believe something.


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