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The term was coined on 19 May 1998 by Chiew Lee Yih ( (trad.) / (simpl.) / pinyin: Zhào Lǐyù) from Malaysia, who used it first in newsgroups. Almost simultaneously, Chen Lan coined it for use in the Western media based on Mandarin (太空 tàikōng), space. (Source: Mail & Guardian) This follows the pattern established by the terms cosmonaut, astronaut and spationaut (which share the -naut suffix) for having different terms for space workers denoting country of origin.


  • Hyphenation: tai‧ko‧naut


taikonaut (plural taikonauts)

  1. A person who travels in space for the Chinese space program; a Chinese astronaut.
    • 2003, Peter Schwartz, Inevitable Surprises, page x:
      The past decade has seen remarkable events and changes: ... The Columbia disaster and a Chinese taikonaut in orbit

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