take a chance

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take a chance

  1. (idiomatic) To risk doing something; to try something risky.
    He took a chance by supporting the unknown artist.
    • 2009, August 28, Ewan Murray, I owe my Rangers career to Sir David Murray, says Walter Smith, The Guardian,
      He took a chance on me, gave me an opportunity to get into management, the opportunity I wanted, which could not have been an easy decision to make.
    • 1982, February 19, Harold C. Schonberg, Cuts In Federal Arts Budgets To Hit Small Groups Hardest‎, The New York Times,
      [] say they will tend to play it safe, relying on sure-fire box-office hits and refusing to take a chance on experimental works, which almost are always box-office failures.
    • 1919, John Hugh McQuillen et al., The Dental Cosmos, V.61, page 728:
      When we did not use the X-ray, if we broke a piece of root off in extracting a tooth, we took a chance, left it in, and expected it to work out.