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take time (third-person singular simple present takes time, present participle taking time, simple past took time, past participle taken time)

  1. To require a comparatively long period of time.
    Learning a foreign language takes time.
    It takes time to get used to having a step-parent.
    • 1960 February, R. C. Riley, “The London-Birmingham services - Past, Present and Future”, in Trains Illustrated, page 98:
      After World War II it took time to clear up the arrears of track maintenance on both lines and it was not until 1953 that the L.M.R. restored any two-hour schedules, the W.R. following suit a year later.
  2. To volunteer to spend one's time (for a purpose or beneficiary).
    He took time to help us with his son with his homework.
    He took time for his son.


  • (require a comparatively long period of time): take a long time, take some time
  • (volunteer to spend one's time): make time for, take the time

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