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takeback (plural takebacks)

  1. The act of taking back or reclaiming anything.
    the takeback of products that have reached the end of their useful life
  2. (chess) The withdrawal of the previous move, as in practice games.
  3. (conservation) The reduction in energy savings from new technologies due to increased levels of demand (also called the rebound effect.)
    • 2010, November 17-19, A.R.Pollard and N.R. Buckett, Clawback of energy efficiency upgrades in New Zealand households (Paper presented at the 5th Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference)
      It would be convenient to consider takeback as a step process; after an intervention the occupants immediately establish a new level of demand for that household energy service. Occupant behaviour however is more complicated than this and takes some time to adjust.

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