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From tan +‎ -age.


tannage (countable and uncountable, plural tannages)

  1. The act, operation, or result of tanning; a tanning.
    • 1845, Robert Browning, The Flight of the Duchess, 1994, Tim Cook (editor), The Works of Robert Browning, page 340,
      They should have got his cheek fresh tannage / Such a day as to-day in the merry sunshine! / Had they stuck on his fist a rough-foot merlin!
    • 1938, US Depoartment of Agriculture, Technical Bulletin, Issues 551-575, page 36,
      After the layer tannage was completed, the crops and bellies from the 44 hides were reassembled and handled as a unit in each subsequent process until finished.
    • 1954, Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, Volume 102, page 850,
      With the exception of spruce bark, which cannot be considered to be a typical tannin, all the tannins give degrees of tannage in the neighbourhood of 50.
    • 2009, National Institute of Industrial Research Board Of Consultants & Engineers, Leather Processing & Tanning Technology Handbook, India, page 37,
      The possible combined tannages are numerous but are, in general, limited to the light leathers. Combination tannages are very ancient.




tanner +‎ -age


tannage m (uncountable)

  1. tanning (of the skin)