tar le

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tar le (present analytic tagann le or tig le, future analytic tiocfaidh le, verbal noun teacht le)

  1. (literally) come with
    An dtiocfaidhliom?
    Will you come with me?
  2. agree with
    Tagaim leat ar sin.
    I agree with you about that.
  3. make do with, put up with
    Tagannle beagán.
    She makes do with little.
    Caithfear teacht leis an saol.
    We have to take the world as we find it
    (literally, ‘It is necessary to put up with the world’.)
  4. can, be able
    Tig liom thú a fheiceáil anois.
    I can see you now.
    Tháinig liom comhairle a chur air.
    I was able to influence him.

Usage notes[edit]

In the meaning ‘can, be able’ the verb is subjectless and in the analytic form; the subject of English can is expressed as the object of Irish le. In this meaning, the present indicative is usually tig rather than tagann.