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Alternative forms[edit]


team sport (countable and uncountable, plural team sports)

  1. (countable) A sport played by two competing teams.
    • 2000, William S. Kern, The Economics of Sports, page 115:
      This impression is underscored by the high level of minority representation in our major team sports.
    • 2014, Eleanor MacLellan, Sole to Soul: Walking a Path toward Loving Accompaniment, page 97:
      But he was required to do a team sport, so he compromised by choosing track, which ironically involved the biggest team of the season.
    • 2014, W. Thomas McDaniel Jr., The Farther Side of Paradise, page 233:
      And I looked forward to the other nine games of the greatest team sport devised by man.
  2. (uncountable) All sports involving competing teams, collectively.
    • 2014, Mark Allen, ‎Paul McCarthy, Psychology Express:
      In addition to personality differences between athletes and non-athletes, personality differences were also observed between team sport athletes and individual sport athletes.
    • 2014, Robert Ellis, The Games People Play: Theology, Religion, and Sport, page 259:
      The representational aspect of team sport adds to this.