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technomancy +‎ -er


technomancer (plural technomancers)

  1. One who is skilled in technomancy.
    • 1993, David B. Pilurs, Lenore R. Caruso, & Sara L. Caruso, Sun and Storm: The Enchiridion, →ISBN, page 46:
      Magetech only represents one facet of technomancy. It allows you to take a pile of metal parts, Power Crystals, Focussing Crystals, and whatever else you've gathered and turn the whole mess into a technomantic device. Great! You're still no technomancer.
    • 2008, Shane Berryhill, Chance Fortune and the Outlaws, →ISBN:
      Speed Demon sprinted by within inches of S.C. and suddenly the technomancer looked down to find his hands empty and his ray gun missing in action.
    • 2011, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen, & Terry Pratchett, Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch, →ISBN, page 55:
      What happened was that the bulk of the technomancers and the priests got behind the ideas expressed in Darwin's book, because they gave everyone pretty much what they wanted.
    • 2015, Brandon Mull, Crystal Keepers, →ISBN, page 430:
      I have visions of a Zeropolis so technologically superior to what you've put together so far that it will boggle your mind. You are a very talented technomancer.