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Alternative forms[edit]


teensy-weensy (superlative teensy-weeniest)

  1. (colloquial, often childish or humorous) Alternative form of teeny-weeny
    • 1872, Gail Hamilton, “Our Nan and her dumb friend”, in J.T. Trowbridge and Lucy Larcom, editor, Our Young Folks, an illustrated magazine for boys and girls[1], volume 8, page 411:
      ... Rose was no longer a funny teensy-weensy of an infant pig, but was now a half-grown, solid, fat porker ...
    • 1900, Mollie Evelyn Moore Davis, The queen's garden[2], page 63:
      And there was a big-bellied jar in which the Queen's Henchman used to hide, and spring up at her, and frighten her, when she was but a teensy-weensy Princess like you.