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Alternative forms[edit]


teetotal +‎ -ing



teetotaling (not comparable)

  1. (US) Abstaining from alcohol.
    • 1958: Vance Nye Bourjaily, The Violated: A Novel
      Most were some variation of the girl-whistling, boyish, movie kind, but a few were serious, teetotalling and religious.
    • 1988: Arnold M. Ludwig, Understanding the Alcoholic's Mind: Refocusing the Past
      Their teetotalling, absolutist frame of mind, along with its associated attitudes, simply closed off the option to drink.
    • 1976: Sheldon M. Novick, The Electric War: The Fight Over Nuclear Power
      Insull was English, from an earnest, teetotalling family of modest means. He had learned shorthand and was advancing nicely in a London firm of auctioneers ...
    • 2007 August 15, The New York Times, “Off the Menu”, in New York Times[1]:
      The name of this spacious restaurant and lounge is an ironic reference [to] the teetotaling Andrew J. Volstead, the Minnesota congressman who sponsored the act enforcing Prohibition in 1919.