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From Ancient Greek τέλεος (téleos, complete) + ὀστέον (ostéon, bone).


teleost (not comparable)

  1. Of, or relating to the Teleostei - fish with bony skeletons.


teleost (plural teleosts)

  1. A fish of the taxonomic infraclass Teleostei.
    • 1969, W. S. Hoar, D. J. Randall (editors), Fish Physiology, Volume 2: The Endocrine System, page 156,
      There are no direct studies of the effects of arginine vasotocin or 4 Ser, 8 Ile oxytocin in the holostean bony fish. It can only be suggested that the histological evidence suggests a possible role in the control of the adenohypophysis and that systemic effects might well parallel those found in the closely related teleosts.
    • 1997, Academic Press, The Fish Immune System: Organism, Pathogen, and Environment[1], page 35:
      After antigenic stimulation, increased amounts of lymphoid tissue does appear, in the spleen of teleosts. The lymphoid tissue of teleost spleen consists of lymphoid cells, mainly small, medium, and large lymphocytes arranged in a supporting reticular cell meshwork.
    • 2013 April, David Profumo, “Dances with Swords”, in Literary Review:
      Nevertheless, an element of real danger adds a piscine frisson to most encounters with this mysterious teleost.