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From Latin temerārius (that happens by chance, imprudent), from temerē (by chance, at random, rashly).


  • IPA(key): /ˌtɛməˈɹɛəɹi.əs/


temerarious (comparative more temerarious, superlative most temerarious)

  1. Recklessly daring or bold.
    • 1888, Robert Louis Stevenson, A Christmas Sermon:
      To look back upon the past year, and see how little we have striven and to what small purpose: and how often we have been cowardly and hung back, or temerarious and rushed unwisely in; and how every day and all day long we have transgressed the law of kindness;—it may seem a paradox, but in the bitterness of these discoveries, a certain consolation resides.


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