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From Latin tergeminus, from ter (thrice) + geminus (doubled at birth, twin-born). Compare trigeminous.



tergeminous (not comparable)

  1. Threefold.
    • 1823, James Hogg, “Peril Second. Leasing. Circle II.”, in The Three Perils of Woman; or, Love, Leasing, and Jealousy. [], volume III, London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, [], →OCLC, page 100:
      My servant-maid has discovered tergeminous proof of the perpetrator.
    • 1851, “Lines in commemoration of the Auld Brig”, in Competing and Other Poems on the Auld Brig, page 4:
      I've often viewed in early life's bright dream, Thy arch tergeminous which spanned the stream; Upon the rocks greywacke oft I've stood, And upward scanned thy classic pulchritude.
    • 1861 March, “Critical Notices of Works on India and the East”, in Calcutta Review, volume 36, page v:
      The reader will also observe that in the example just cited 'justice' is rendered by 'equality and justice;' on the same page he will find carelessness and inadvertency' where the original has only neglect; and so he will find throughout the book such geminous and even tergeminous renderings to the number of at least two hundred.
    • 1906, William Cowper Brann, Brann, the Iconoclast, page 451:
      Chappies like Junius Henri, whose sidewheel whiskers and tergeminous titles are giving them spinal curvature, may fancy hysterical maids; but a sure-enough American, competent to raise a crop of world-compellers all bearing his trade-mark, prefers a Grace Darling or a Molly Pitcher.