termination shock

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termination shock (plural termination shocks)

  1. (astronomy) The boundary marking one of the outer limits of the Sun's influence, where the solar wind dramatically slows.
    • 2007, A. Balogh; Louis J. Lanzerotti; Steve T. Suess, The Heliosphere through the Solar Activity Cycle, Springer Science & Business Media, →ISBN, page 211:
      Studying the role of the termination shock and that of the heliosheath in cosmic ray modulation with numerical models has become most relevant since Voyager 1 crossed the termination shock on 16 December 2004 (e.g. Burlaga et al., 2005).
  2. (by extension, astronomy) That point for space around any star.
  3. (geoengineering) A rapid and damaging rise in temperatures once solar geoengineering measures are stopped.
    • 2018, Andy Parker; Peter J. Irvine, “The Risk of Termination Shock From Solar Geoengineering”, in Earth's Future[1], volume 6, number 3, →DOI, →ISSN, page 456–467:
      If a larger SRM deployment were phased out sufficiently slowly, the rate of warming could be limited, and termination shock avoided, even where it exerted a very large cooling effect.

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