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From Latin terminationem (accusative of terminatio).



termination (countable and uncountable, plural terminations)

  1. The process of terminating or the state of being terminated.
  2. The process of firing an employee; ending one's employment at a business for any reason.
  3. An end in time; a conclusion.
  4. An end in space; an edge or limit.
  5. An outcome or result.
  6. The last part of a word; an ending, a desinence; a suffix.
    • 1849, E. A. Andrews, A First Latin Book; Or Progressive Lessons in Reading and Writing Latin, 2nd edition, Boston, p. 52 and 69:
      • 1. Some adjectives of the third declension have three terminations in the nominative singular,—one for each gender; some two,—one for the masculine and feminine, the other for the neuter; and some, only one for all genders.
      • 1. Verbs whose terminations are alike, are said to be of the same conjugation.
        2. Latin verbs are divided into four conjugations.
  7. (medicine) An induced abortion.
  8. (obsolete, rare) A word, a term.
  9. The ending up of a polypeptid chain.



  • (process of terminating or the state of being terminated): continuation

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