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From Latin terra (the world) +‎ -cide.


terracide (uncountable)

  1. The destruction of a planet or of natural ecosystems.
    • 1993, Arthur C. Clarke, The Hammer of God, Bantam Spectra (1994), →ISBN, pages 190:
      Months earlier the Elders of Chrislam had identified the Reborn saboteurs and handed them over to ASTROPOL, but they had stubbornly refused to defend themselves. There was also another problem: where could one find an unprejudiced jury? Certainly not on Earth, and probably not even on Mars.
      Moreover, what was a suitable sentence for terracide?
    • 1998, Daniel C. Maguire & Larry L. Rasmussen, Ethics for a Small Planet: New Horizons on Population, Consumption, and Ecology, State University of New York Press (1998), →ISBN, back cover blurb:
      The sense of the sacred is presented here as the nucleus of the good and the only force that can bring about the lifestyle changes and power reallocations that are necessary to prevent terracide.
    • 2013, Andrea Wright, Greenstone Rising, FriesenPress (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      He hoped for a day when terracide, the death of the planet, was no longer possible, where the grim pendulum of global warming and global dimming was swinging the other way.
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