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  1. (poetic, archaic) Contraction of the.
    • 1610-11, William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act I Scene 1
      Let's all sink wi' th' king.
    • March 25 1796, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "On the Slave Trade", in The Watchman
      Hence the soft couch, and many-colour'd robe,
      The timbrel and arch'd dome and costly feast,
      With all th' inventive arts that nurse the soul
      To forms of beauty []
  2. (colloquial) Contraction of there.
    • 1891, Edith Bower in The Overland Monthly, Volume XVII., page #135:
      She crossed her hand an’ turned her face up like a bird does, only th’ ain’t no birds what can sing like she did; seemed like she was n’t a‐doin’ of it at all,—voice came out of itself, like ’s if ’t was just a waitin’ for a change to git out.