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theo- +‎ -phobia


theophobia (plural theophobias)

  1. An irrational fear of religion.
    • 1845, Tayler Lewis, Plato Contra Atheos: Plato Against the Atheists, page 131:
      We see not how, even on this scheme most ingenious as it is, the atheist can expect to find relief from his tormenting theophobia, or escape that object of his greatest dread, a superhuman being, whether he styles him a God or a Daemon.
    • 1909, Erich Wasmann, The Berlin Discussion of the Problem of Evolution, page 47:
      In many scientific circles there is an absolute theophobia, a dread of the Creator.
    • 1913, Robert Loyalty Cru, Diderot as a Disciple of English Thought, page 421:
      "Patriotism and theophobia are the sources of great tragedies and terrifying pictures.
    • 2005, Morris A. Inch, Elder Brother: A Christian Alternative to Anti-Semitism, page 81:
      "One might postulate at this point that persons suffer from theophobia, contempt for one thought to usurp their prerogatives.

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