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thoraco- +‎ abdomino- +‎ pelvic.


thoracoabdominopelvic (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Of or relating to the thorax, abdomen and pelvis.
    • 2004, Alon Marcus, Michael Kuchera, Foundations for Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine: An East-west Approach, North Atlantic Books (→ISBN), page 134
      The autonomic system provides input to: the vasculature and fascia throughout the body; the visceral organs of the head and neck; the visceral organs of the thoracoabdominopelvic cavity; thymus, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.
    • 2010, Richard V. Aghababian, Essentials of Emergency Medicine, Jones & Bartlett Publishers (→ISBN), page 998
      [] CT scan if hemodynamically stable — CT without IV contrast for head, and with IV contrast for thoracoabdominopelvic studies.
    • 2010, Susan Gearhart, Nita Ahuja, Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Series: Colorectal Cancer: Expert Consult, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN), page 212
      This examination should be initiated by a history and physical examination and concluded with a thoracoabdominopelvic CT scan and colonoscopy.
    • 2015, Matthias Schott, Year Book of Endocrinology 2014, Elsevier Health Sciences (→ISBN)
      In routine practice, the imaging workup for screening SDHx mutation carriers should include thoracoabdominopelvic computed tomography, head and neck magnetic angiography, and somatostatin receptor scintigraphy.