three togethers

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Alternative forms[edit]


Calque of Chinese 三同 (sāntóng).


three togethers pl (plural only)

  1. (Maoism) A policy stating that peasants should eat together, live together, and labour together.
    • 1970, Translations on People's Republic of China, page 23:
      If management personnel do not go into the shops and sections to take part in the three togethers and to learn one or more manual skills from the teachers , then they are liable to spend their whole lives in sharp struggle against the working class.
    • 1970, Richard Baum, Revolution and Reaction in Rural China:
      Acting under strict orders to practice the "three togethers" with the peasants, the work team personnel (generally one to three workers per production team) took up residence in the homes of these peasant "roots.
    • 2005, Hans Antlöv & Jörgen Hellman, The Java that Never was: Academic Theories and Political Practices, →ISBN:
      While these studies were not themselves carried out by social scientists, professional social scientists were involved in training and advising the PKI/BTI cadres who carried out the field studies, practicing the "three togethers," the four don'ts," and the "four musts" in a remarkable forerunner of today's fashionable "bottom-up," "participatory action researh" strategies (White 1993).