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tick and tie (third-person singular simple present ticks and ties, present participle ticking and tying, simple past and past participle ticked and tied)

  1. (accounting) To make sure that every item in a ledger or in an inventory is accounted for and properly connected to other items to which they are related.
    • 1997, James Edward Keogh, Solving the Year 2000 Problem, page 131:
      The leveling diagram can be used as a tick and tie list for the year 2000 team to ensure that no system or piece of hardware that should be fixed is overlooked.
    • 2003, Mary Pat McCarthy, ‎Tim Flynn, Risk From the CEO and Board Perspective, p. 22:
      Rather than diving into the filing cabinets to tick and tie the paper trail, today's external audits start with a proper understanding of the business and the competitive environment in which a company operates.
    • 2012, Jason A. Scharfman, Private Equity Operational Due Diligence, page 239:
      Auditors do not necessarily tick and tie every single position held in a fund.