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time +‎ lord. From "Time Lord", the term for a member of a specific race of time travellers from the long-running BBC television series Doctor Who.


timelord (plural timelords)

  1. A person who has mastered time travel.
    • 1999, Thomas Slemen, Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People:
      A renegade timelord from the future who liked to meddle with history? If this were so, perhaps he really had talked with Christ and the kings of bygone days.
    • 2001, Simon Ward, Negotiating Positions:
      ...a kind of timelord who rewrites himself as he passes across timezones and geographical locations, often within the same sentence.
    • 2004, Neil Kulkarni, Hip Hop: Bring the Noise:
      ...a mind that could fly to all points in the cosmos seemingly at will, able to slip between time, across the ages like some omnipotent, hip hop timelord.
    • 2007, Carmel McConnell, The Happiness Plan:
      Not doing a timelord, ping ponging back and forth through time.