tin snips

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Tin snips

Alternative forms[edit]


tin snips (plural tin snips)

  1. Large, heavily-constructed scissors or shears, operated by hand and used for cutting sheets of metal.
    • 1934 Aug. 30, "A Fast-Moving Narrative," New York Times, Books Section, p. 21:
      My husband spent the next day inside the plane, cutting out an unused gasoline tank, piece by piece, with tin snips.
    • 1957 May 4, "Curved-Blade Snips," Calgary Herald (Canada), p. 23 (retrieved 28 June 2012):
      If you plan to do much work sheet metal, a pair of curved-blade tin snips will save wear and tear on your nerves in the long run.
    • 2004 Oct. 24, Tim Carter, "Ask the Builder," Telegraph Herald (Iowa, USA), p. 5E (retrieved 28 June 2012):
      This bend eliminates unsightly waviness that often develops as you cut the copper with a tin snips.