tinned dog

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tinned dog (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, slang, humorous, derogatory) Canned meat.
    • 1901, Henry Lawson, “The Ghosts Of Many Christmases”, in Children of the Bush, Echo Library, published 2007, unnumbered page:
      The storekeeper packed the case of tinned dog, etc., but by some blunder he or his man put the label on the wrong box, and it went per rail, per coach, per camel, and the last stage per boot, and reached my friends' camp on Christmas Eve, to their great joy.
    • 2001, Curt Wheat, North of Capricorn: Tales and Travels from Australia′s Far Northern Outback[1], page 47:
      “How ′bout some tinned dog and a bit of damper, mate?” Bob offered Hank. “You gonna be peckish by the time we stop tonight.”
    • 2006, Ron Fitch, Australian Railwayman: From Cadet Engineer to Railways Commissioner[2], page 63:
      After we had eaten our customary evening meal of tinned dog, potatoes and onions, six of us — three members of the permanent way gang, the publican′s son, my timekeeper and I — would cook the crayfish and devour the 30 at one sittng.