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tinsel +‎ -y


tinselly (comparative more tinselly, superlative most tinselly)

  1. Resembling or adorned with tinsel.
    • 2007, Scott Smith, A Simple Plan
      Christmas decorations clung to the light poles lining the street — green, red, and white tinselly creations: snowmen, Santas, reindeer, candy canes...
  2. Gaudy, superficial; offering attraction without depth.
    • 1978, Edward Lewis Wallant, The Pawnbroker
      She was a light-skinned girl of frail and tinselly beauty...
    • 1984, Louise T Reynolds, The New Renaissance
      ...the insurance money his death would provide might help his sons to become the tinselly images of a perfect salesman he had so foolishly hoped to be...